Hassle Free:

Welcome to the new and easier way of fundraising! No more going door to door, lugging around boxes or weathering the outdoors to gain a sell. I mean, let's face it: most shopping is done online these days. Why shouldn't fundraising be too??


Fundraising should be just that: FUN! No one enjoys sorting orders and delivering them to those who chose to support your cause. Our team packs every order and ships it right to your recipient. Even out of state family and friends can now make a purchase! All you need to do is spread the word and direct your supporters to our website. Once there, they will enter your unique promo code while ordering and we handle to rest. 

Best Part:

Your organization, group or team receives 50% of the profit and there are no start up fees!


Want to Start Fundraising With Snack Hero?  

Send an email to or contact us at 866-350-HERO(4376)



Helping others to reach their goals helps us to reach ours! -Shana DuBose (Founder)

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